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The Hyperbola


Hyperbolas and hyperbolic forms are found in many real-world applictions.  For Example:

1) Hyperbolic gears re used in mechanical applications where rotation must be transfered to a skewed shaft


2) Hyberbaloids, being a very strong and structurally sound figure are use in construction of edifices that require these vitrues, such as nuclear cooling towers and narrow towers.

3) Hyperbolic mirrors are used in two ways.  The first is on magnifying tools such as telescopes and microscopes, they are used to reflect the light of an image past the focus and into the eye.  The second is in a way to capture a 360 degree field of view with a single capture device.  This is done by pointing a single camera at the vertex of a hyperbolic mirror, the mirror distorts the image of everything around it, but presents it for the camera in a limited space.  A computer can then be used to correct the image for distortion, and projected onto the interior of a cylindrical screen.   This is used in mars rovers to transfer images to earth.

lamp2.jpg (39539 bytes)

4)  The light that is reflecting off the wall, produced by the lamp is also in the form of a hyperbola.


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